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OricGlobal is an international residency and immigration consulting firm. Based out of Toronto, Canada, we maintain active international presence throughout the Arabian Gulf and the MENA region at large.


Our constantly expanding network of agents further extends our reach to a dozen other countries. Rooted in genuine passion for what we do, we take the time to get to know our clients and make sincere efforts to define their precise needs. In order to meet those needs, we employ our wealth of experience to serve our clients and deliver real results.


The collective background of our team members positions us to uniquely consult and handle an array of residency and immigration cases.


Our Story
Our Core Value

We take pride in our work. We conduct ourselves with respect. We hold ourselves accountable to delivering service that is professional, precise and diligent. To our very core and at the very heart of our practice, we are ethical. Our clients can expect us to be honest and lawful .



Government-initiated professional migration programs tend to leave out those who are self-employed. Are you a self-starter or entrepreneur looking to expand or relocate your business to a more lucrative or suitable location?



If you value a world-class standard of living and a universal healthcare System, then you will be so damn right to choose Canada.


Study Abroad

Sometimes the only obstacle standing between you and your dream-school is a manmade border. Are you qualified to attend the best program for your future, but intimidated by the twists and turns of applying for a Student Visa?

We Are Connected

All your documents are collected, processed, and uploaded on a secure Online Client Portal where you can track the progress of your application and be notified of any updates.

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